Presentation of membership card entitles the bearer to a free hug from Inkey, furthering Inkey's mission to create world peace through the medium of hugs. He is aiming to hug every single person in the world*

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(please donít join one of the many un-official Inkey Jones fan clubs)

*Since his mission began back in 1991 the climate for hugs has become increasingly challenging and volatile due to increased war, terrorism, anti-stalking law and acts of homophobia.


Member Benefits :

  • Belong to a very (very) exclusive club
  • A laminated fan club membership card
  • Quaterly fan club magazine via email
  • Great offers and Inkey related competitions
  • Xmas presents
  • Discounted Inkey merchandise
  • Access to special signings
  • Back stage passes
  • Earn Inkey Pointsô for each gig you

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        Inkey Pointsô rewards





    FREE TO JOIN Please include :

    • Full name

    • Your postal address

    • Your email address

    • Four passport pictures

    WRITE TO : The Inkey Jones Official Fan Club C/O Monkeynut Mulhooney III, 48 Caraway Heights, 240 Poplar High Street, London E14 0BG